Charleston Seventh-day Adventist School

Oops! Wrong Date - Sep 5, Fri
Staff Development - Sep 12, Fri 12:00 PM
Open House - Sep 18, Thu 7:00 PM - For ALL parents
ITBS Testing - Sep 29, Mon 8:30 AM
Bike-a-thon - Oct 16, Thu 8:30 AM
Staff Development - Oct 17, Fri 12:00 PM

Welcome to CSDAS

Our school's most recent change has been our stated purpose  "Tailor made (education) and Spirit driven."  The Holy Spirit, of course is to be the impetus of our thrust.  When students enter our school, they are thoroughly evaluated and placed in the level of core classes that they need for optimum growth, not too hard to frustrate them, but also not too easy so that they are not challenged.  We hope you will enjoy what you see on our website, and decide to join our school family.

To print our yearly calendar, click here -->site/1/docs/CSDAS calendar2014-2015.pdf

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